DNA testing to promote the right conditions for optimum health and natural healing

I believe that nutrigenomics is the most empowering area of nutritional therapy. It can show you where you need to focus your attention as well as highlighting where your genes are working well.


It is a vital missing link for most women looking to improve their health by pinpointing unique vulnerabilities and highlighting areas that can benefit from additional diet and lifestyle support.

Nutrigenomics adds a fundamental level of support and a reassuring element of personalisation. DNA tests are for life; the test can be done at any time and are not impacted by HRT, contraceptives, pregnancy, nutritional supplements, exercise or any other environmental factors.

The food you eat won't change the sequence of your DNA, but your diet and lifestyle switch certain genes on or off or change the way they are expressed, which play a major role in your health outcomes. It holds the keys to precision medicine and offers a profound understanding of our individual health strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to add a deeper level of personalisation to your programme.

I use Lifecode Gx® which offers a range of specialist nutrigenomics DNA test panels that inform how inherited health risks can be mitigated through personalised nutrition and lifestyle change.


The reports I recommend most frequently include:

Nutrient Core: This test looks at the best evidenced genes and genetic variants (SNPs) involved in response to gluten, lactose and caffeine, microbiome diversity, vitamin absorption, conversion and activation as well as metabolism - appetite, sugar and fat response, blood pressure, circadian rhythm and inflammation.

Nervous System Report: Looking at the genes and variants that impact neurotransmitters such as serotonin (contentment) and melatonin (sleep), dopamine (motivation), noradrenaline and adrenaline (fight or flight) and GABA which is vital for relaxation. 

Symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance can include: anxiety, depression, mania, attention deficit and obsessive compulsive disorders, addictive behaviours, motor control disruption, poor memory, sleep disturbances, anger, aggression and restlessness.


Hormones Report: This report looks at genes and variants that impact steroid hormones - progesterone, oestrogens, androgens (testosterone, DHEA) as well as cortisol, adrenaline and insulin. It is particularly useful for women who experience hormonal imbalances including: infertility, low libido and sex drive, acne, excess facial hair, PCOS, PMDD, blood clots, mood swings, depression, substance misuse, poor memory and weight gain.

It’s also very helpful for women who are experiencing problems with taking HRT.


Methylation Report: Methylation is involved in almost every metabolic process in the body contributing to numerous critical functions. Too much or too little can increase susceptibility to chronic health conditions such as heart disease, circulatory problems, chronic fatigue, infertility, immune and autoimmune conditions, food and chemical sensitivities, and mood and psychiatric disorders, as well as cancer and premature ageing.


Histamine Intolerance Report: The Histamine Intolerance test analyses the genes and nutrients needed to breakdown and remove histamine, showing where disruptions occur and how to support optimal function.


DNA Package Cost: £399.00

This package includes:

  • A Lifecode Gx DNA test kit - to collect a sample of cheeks cells from which DNA is extracted and analysed. It takes just 1 minute to collect the sample, place the swab in the test tube with the stabilising table, compete and sign the consent form and place everything in the return packaging provided.

  • A report of your choice – i.e. Nutrient Core OR Hormones Report OR Histamine Intolerance OR Nervous System OR Methylation

  • Practitioner support - a detailed analysis of your report and 30 minutes telephone/ Zoom call with me to further explain your results, recommend nutrition and lifestyle interventions and answer any questions you may have.

  • * Limited offer: add any additional report for the reduced cost of £150 per report (+ £75 analysis)



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