28 day Optimal Hormonal Health Programme


On this programme you will learn:

  • about your main hormones and how they work together

  • how to kick your sugar cravings 

  • how to boost your energy levels

  • how to look after your brain health, eliminate brain fog and improve your mood swings

  • about the impact of stress on hormonal balance (and what you can do to help)

  • how to minimise your exposure to hormone disrupting toxins (xenoestrogens)  

  • how to balance your blood sugar levels for energy and weight management

  • how to support your thyroid for weight management and cycle regulation

  • how to look after your adrenals for stress resilience, weight management, sex hormone and blood sugar balance 

  • how to balance your oestrogen / testosterone dominance to improve PCOS / endometriosis / fertility


....all through nutrition and lifestyle, naturally 

Do you:

  • lack motivation and energy?

  • want to get rid of your sugar cravings?

  • want to know how to sleep better and wake up feeling REFRESHED?

  • want to avoid MOOD swings?

  • want to lose unwanted weight?

  • want to manage your STRESS and build up resilience?

  • want to regulate your CYCLES?

  • have PERIODS which are heavy/long/short/painful?

  • have symptoms from being OESTROGEN/TESTOSTERONE dominant?

  • or are you in PERI-MENOPAUSE, MENOPAUSE or are considering HRT?



The course includes:


  • LIVE (and recorded) webinars with downloadable materials

  • LIVE (and recorded) Q&A's for the 4 week duration

  • Access to a private Facebook Group to keep you motivated and supported through the programme and be part of a like minded community

  • Expert guest speakers

  • Exclusive prices and priority booking of my 1:1 consultations

All LIVE sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch whenever is convenient for you.

You also have the option to book a 1:1 consultation with me at a 20% discount of the full price to further personalise your programme.

* Next programme starts on 7th September but spaces are limited and fill up quickly


Q: Will I lose weight on this programme?

A: This is not a weight loss programme but a lot of women can lose weight on it. By balancing key hormones you can move from fat storage to fat metabolism. Knowing the right amount and type of activity is also the key to getting rid of stubborn fat.


Q: Is this programme right for me if I have PCOS/endometriosis/fibroids?
A: This programme can give you the key fundamentals of hormonal balance which are so important but it is likely that you will need extra medical/nutritional support.

Q: Is it ok if I don't have the symptoms but would like to learn about how  my body works and hormones?

A: Even if you don’t identify with any of the symptoms  but want to pave the way for a healthy future, this is the right course for you!

Q: Is the programme suitable for me if I have hypothroidism/Hashimotos?

A: The programme will cover thyroid health and how you can support its function. It's important to remember that hormones do not work in isolation, so by also working on adrenal health, blood sugar balance/insulin etc you can help your thyroid function more optimally.


Q: Is the programme suitable for anyone with have food allergies and intolerances?
A: Yes, I have made the menus and recipes as flexible as possible to suit individual requirements.



Q: Do I need lots of time to cook the meals on the plan?
A:I have designed the programme with recipes that are very simple, easy to follow and easy to source, seasonal ingredients, to encourage attendees to cook more nutritious meals. You’ll get specific food lists so that you know which foods support and which foods disrupt your hormones as well as shopping lists, meal plans and time saving tips to make life easier.

If you have any other questions or queries, please get in touch using the button below.