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Tuesday July 21st, 12pm

90 minutes

The Path to Optimal 

Brain Health


  • Are you suffering from brain fog, loss of concentration and/or memory loss?

  • Are you dealing with low moods and anxiety?

  • Are you struggling to get restful sleep?

  • All of these symptoms can also be related to the hormonal shifts and fluctuation of perimenopause leading up to menopause

  • This course is designed for you to learn how to enhance and protect your brain health 

  • Using specific nutritional science proven to work for women, stress reducing strategies and tips for restorative sleep

  • Empowering you to maximise cognitive health

  • A webinar and Q&A's with brain and hormone specialist Elisa Ferguson

  • Including access to a private, supportive and supported online community

  • The session will be recorded so you can still access the material and resources even if you are unable to attend

* Optional but recommended 4 week meal plan with brain optimising recipes for an additional £15

Stressed Woman

Tuesday August 18th, 7pm

90 minutes

Nutritional Support and Techniques for Stress Management


  • More information coming soon



90 minutes

How to fix your periods


  • Do you want to understand more about your monthly cycles and become more attuned to your body?

  • This course is designed for every girl and woman suffering from PMS, irregular cycles, heavy periods, fatigue, low moods, bloating, menstrual headaches 

  • Or for those curious about how their bodies and hormones work and wanting to put some preventative measures in place

  • Learn how to promote hormonal and menstrual cycle health through nutrition and lifestyle

  • This is for every girl or woman dealing with hormonal shifts regardless of age

  • A webinar and Q&A's with hormone specialist Elisa Ferguson

  • Including access to a private supportive and supported online community

* Optional but recommended 4 week meal plan with hormone loving recipes for an additional £15

Image by Sam Manns
Better Together Casual Female Femininity


90 minutes

How to thrive during

perimenopause and menopause 



  • More information coming soon


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