Is your body trying to get your attention?

For years, I viewed my MS symptoms as a sign that my body was not working properly and it was failing.

Very often the language used to describe autoimmune disorders further concretize this - ‘battle’ ‘fight’ ‘ dysfunctional’ ‘suppression’ ‘out of control’.

However more recently and the more I’ve worked with other women with MS, I see the symptoms differently. Like the body is waving huge red flag to get our attention.

To let us know that it’s trying its hardest to work for us, but it’s being overloaded and overwhelmed with too many immune activating triggers.

Whether that’s intestinal permeability, food proteins mimicking parts of the body, stress, environmental toxins, or viruses, mycotoxins, heavy metals… there is a long list in modern day living.

But if we recognise that the body is actually trying to work for us rather than against us.

If we can support it better to do its job and reduce the load then it gives us something to work on.

Then it feels right.

And a lot kinder.

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