I support women in different ways through one to one bespoke consultations, online courses, workshops, my signature online

28 day Optimal Hormonal Health Programme 

and corporate wellness programmes

Personalised Nutritional Therapy Programmes

​One to One Bespoke Consultations

If you are looking for more personalised support with with specific symptoms such as brain fog, lack of concentration and focus, anxiety, depression, hot flushes, PCOS, endometriosis, sleep issues, low mood, digestive issues, thyroid issues or fatigue then I recommend booking a one to one consultation which will be tailored to your needs.


I use a Functional Medicine approach to Nutritional Therapy to better understand which systems of your body are out of balance, thereby causing symptoms. I sometimes use Functional tests to​ fast track results by getting to the root cause of your issues more quickly which can get much faster results. Out of hundreds of functional tests that I have access to through specialist labs that I work with, the tests that I most often order for clients are the Comprehensive Hormone Test, the Comprehensive Stool test, DNA testing and the Blood Screening panel. 

To read more about Nutritional Therapy and how I work click here.

Please note there is currently a 2 month waiting list for 1-2-1 consultations
Better Together Casual Female Femininity

How to thrive peri and post menopause 

Sept 1st,  12pm - 90 mins


Banish brain fog, enhance cognitive performance and improve mental well-being

September 22nd 12pm

90 mins

Stressed Woman

Stress Resilience for body and mind

Date TBA

90 mins

Online Courses 

These courses are a great starting point to find out how hormone imbalances and poor brain health can have such an impact on many of the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Whether you are suffering from brain fog, insomnia, memory issues, lack of focus and concentration, mood issues, irritability, feelings of overwhelm and emotion, anxiety, headaches, weight gain, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, heavy periods, digestive issues, bloating, thyroid issues, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility...

These can all be signs that your brain health needs support and your hormones are out of balance. It is NOT normal to have these symptoms even though some of them are very common, regardless of how long you have been suffering with them for.

All of the courses offer nutritional science from a hormone and brain health specialist, practical tips and advice that you can start implementing as well as the opportunity to add a bespoke meal plan with recipes.


You will also be able to ask any questions by either submitting them before the course start date or at the Q&A section at the end. 

As well as having the opportunity to be part of a wider community of women in a supportive and supported private group which hosts talks from expert speakers commonly linked by a desire to make women's lives better.

28 day Online Optimal Hormonal Health Programme

The 28 day Online Hormone Reset Programme is a nutrition and lifestyle programme that focuses on rebalancing your key hormones.  Supporting you to regain control of your weight, energy and other pesky hormonal symptoms without using deprivation diets or crazy exercise programmes. Set over 5 modules you will have access to webinars, recipes, live Q&A's and the support of an online community of women within a private group. Click on the link below to read more about the programme

Corporate Work

As a menopause specialist, I work with employers to address the impact of menopause in the workplace, supporting their female employees with nutrition and lifestyle programmes. I also speak at events and workshops across the UK focusing on menopause in the workplace policies and how as part of their Diversity and Inclusion talent strategy, employers can best support their female colleagues.

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