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One to one Personalised Nutritional Therapy

This is a completely bespoke and unique programme designed to fully investigate your personal MS story and support you as an individual.


Just as everyone's physical, mental and emotional experience of MS will differ, everyone's timeline of events that led to diagnosis and their specific triggers will be different.


Your biochemistry, genetic profile, environment from early years, specific nutrient needs/insufficiencies/deficiencies, microbiome status, dietary protein triggers, infection exposure, environmental toxin exposure, previous stresses/trauma (psychoneuroimmunology) is completely unique to you. Therefore it is crucial to understand how the mosaic of autoimmunity looks for YOU. This is what we will explore together in your programme.

I only work with a handful of clients at any given time to ensure quality and depth of service. In order to achieve the best results and the highest level of support, I work with clients for a minimum of 3 months.

The one to one programmes I run are completely bespoke and involve extensive time researching and investigating case histories "behind the scenes" as well as in-depth online consultations.

Programmes can be extended for as long as required. In addition, when ready, clients have the option to join the group programme for ongoing support, resources and community.

What to expect:

  • A completely tailored and personalised approach with nutritional and lifestyle interventions

  • Initial Consultation(s) - in depth, comprehensive consultation(s) where I gather information about your personal story, a timeline of events, medical history, family history, symptom tracking 

  • Nutrition / food planning consultation - looking at your past and current dietary patterns as well as supplement reviews

  • Consultations when needed (usually every 2 weeks) - regular contact, updates and adjustments based on your symptoms, test results and focus shift depending on progression in programme

  • Contact throughout programme to answer any questions or make adjustments - no need to wait until your next consultation

  • Bespoke diagnostic-testing and supplement recommendations if appropriate*

  • Extensive time spent "behind the scenes" on your case, leaving no stone unturned

* Please note the costs of laboratory testing and supplements are not included in the programme price. Where possible tests will be recommended through the NHS to keep costs down but where this is not possible, private tests may be required at an additional expense

Learn more about Nutritional Therapy here

If you are interested in finding out more please book a free enquiry call.

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